Accidents happen — it’s part of work. Whether the accident warrants a quick trip to the emergency room or a lengthy hospital stay, medical expenses and loss of wages may be involved. When the accident occurs on the job, it’s the employer who picks up the tab.

Unless the business is one of the exceptions, Workers Compensation insurance is not an option! You may be required by law to obtain and maintain Workers Compensation insurance.


Even if your business is the exception, the absence of the requirement to comply with the Workers Compensation law does not mean that you are not liable to an employee for a work related injury or illness. In most cases, Workers Compensation insurance is the only practical way of protecting yourself from such liability. Companies can’t afford not to purchase workers compensation insurance: under the law, a company who purchases workers compensation insurance is protected from civil lawsuits regarding injuries on the job.

Does your business have a safety program to help protect your employees? Does your business have a Drug-Free Workplace policy? Did you know that approved safety and drug-free policies can lower your cost, increase your profitability, boost employee morale, and raise efficient output of goods and services to your customers?

Nature Coast Insurance can connect you with a carrier, coverage, and a program that ensures the protection of both you and your employees. There’s no commitment associated with filling out our online form, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save by choosing to place your policy with Nature Coast Insurance!

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